Chanakaya Nitiya ( General Wise Political Ethics of Great Scholar Chanakaya )

अधित्येन्दं  यथाशास्त्रं नरो जानाति सतम : |
धर्मोपदेशविख्यातं कार्याकार्य शुभाशुम्  ||
Whosoever after reading this article begins to know good or bad and acts accordingly, he may be counted as best man of the society.

तदहं संप्रद्श्यामि लोकानां हितकाम्यया  |
यस्य  विज्ञानमात्रेन सर्वज्ञत्वं प्रपधते ||
For the  benefits of the people I will inform you only from the things which will provide you knowledge.

मूर्ख सिष्योप्देशेन दुष्टस्त्रीभरनैन च |
दुखित : संप्रयोगेन पण्डितोडश्य्वसीदति ||
Even the wise will suffer grief by preaching a dunce pupil, and supporting a vile woman. Associating themselves with such melancholic person nobody can live happily.

दुष्टा भार्या शठ मित्रं भृत्यस्चोतरदायक: |  
ससर्पे च गृहे वसो मृत्युरेव न  संशयं : ||
The virago wife, a rogue friend, an impudent servant and a snake infested in a house might have became the death's cause. It has no doubts to keep. (A wise man should shun them at all cost.)

प्रणम्य शिरसा विष्णुं त्रिलोकयधिपतिंप्रभुम |
नानाशत्रोउध्य्तं व्रक्ष्ये रज्ञितिसमुच्च्यम् ||
I bow before the God Vishnu who is the Lord of the three realms and try to collect, the principals of state craft culled from various ancient books of knowledge, in this book of political guide.

आपदर्थे धन रक्षेद्दरात्रक्षेद्ध्नेरपि |
आत्मानं संततं रक्षेददारेरपि धनेरपि |
One must save money for the evil days. It's not that distress won't touch the rich people. The movement of Godess of wealth (Laxmi) are unpredictable. Even the accumulated wealth can be destroyed in no time, (one must be very careful about money.)

यस्मिन्देशे न संमानो न वर्तिर्न च बान्धव : |
न च विधागमोद्द्प्य्स्ति वासं तत्र नाकरयेत ||
One should not live at a place one does not get respect where one has no means of earning for the livelihood where one is already not having any near relation living, there already and where there may not be any chance of acquiring knowledge.(One should dwell at a place where there is respect, chance of earning livelihood, and there are his close relatives earning livelihood, and there are his close relatives and scope of enhancing knowledge).

धनिक: श्रोतियो राजा नदी वैधस्तु पन्चम:
पन्च यत्र न विधन्ते न तत्र दिवसं बसेत् |

One should not stay even for a single day where there are none of these five facilities.

  1. A rich person who dole out money at the time of need.
  2. A well versed scholar of Vedas, who can clarity the confusion regarding what one should do and shouldn't do.
  3. A king enforces law order at the time of need and who rules honesty.
  4. A good physician to provide help in case of any ailment.
  5. a river for one's need of water.
These five things are necessary or everyone. A wise man can't stay wherever these facilities are not available.


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